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Q:What is the characteristics of Longmeng paper products?
A:All Dragon paper products are completely free of wood pulp, that is, the manufacturing process does not need to cut down trees. Inorganic mineral powder as the main material, the manufacturing process does not pollute the water, no gas. Discard the paper after long-term solar radiation will be natural decomposition or simple recovery.
Q:What is the paper product of Longmeng Paper?
A:We offer many kinds of advanced paper to large or small inkjet printer (Longmeng inkjet printer photo paper, sticker, etc.) and provide advanced printing paper to various printing factories (Longmeng environmental protection paper ), And another high-strength Longmeng synthetic paper.
Q:What are the SGS certificates of Longmeng products, where can I download them?
A:Please click on the right certificate to download:RoHSREACHFDA
Q:Can color inkjet photo paper be used in photocopiers, fax machines?
A:No. The color inkjet photo paper series is a paper specially designed for an ink jet printer. Therefore, do not use photo paper in other office equipment.
Q:Do you have a special size?
A: Yes, we can tailor the size you need for your needs. Please contact us directly.
Q:Where can I buy your company's products?
A:If you need paper, please contact us directly: or from the PCHOME Shishang boutique store orders to buy the stone paper production of fine:
Q:How to print RPD and RBD series products?
A:Please download the printing instructions: How to print RPD and RBD series products

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